In this term, we share useful information about these 5 girl names all dropped out of the top 100 baby girl names of year 2019 according to the latest ONS data. 


It is basically a french name that can also be a surname. This name is top 100 girl names last year but only “Darcey ” remains.


This name is also considered as a royal name. Queen Victoria is one of the most famous queens in all of history, the name has been declining in popularity in the UK and US for the last few years. 


This name “Julia” dropped 20 places this year as well as the last few years. It is also considered as out of fashion. It is a feminine name belonging to Latin origin that means “youth”. 


300+ people named their baby girl Leah last year and second last year compared to 500+ the previous year. Its biblical name belongs to Hebrew origins. If you are searching for your new baby girl name, we recommend it as a great choice. 


It is a popular welsh name, this name is dropping in favour across Wales and England combined. The name has a pretty meaning of “little pearl”.