In this term, we discuss names which have very vast and beautiful meaning in their origin. Names are very important for any child’s appearance, luck and attitude. So we share very kind information about baby names. 

Names meaning hope – The english language gives us the word which is named hope, and other languages have their own equivalents. The best known is Nadine, from the original russian Nadezhda. For a male, Nadan is a Serbian from the same meaning. Asha is the indian name with the same meaning. In the spanish, called Esperanza, Finnish Toivo. In japanese Nozomi and Kazuki

Names meaning light – Light is basically a strong symbol of hope, there are a lot of names with light related meanings. Lucy has similar meanings of light, internationally Lucia, Suave Lucian, and the modern way called Lux. Claire has a similar meaning, bright. Noor is also connected with relevant meaning and Kiran is a highly international option. 

Names meaning happiness – Names with a proper and positive meaning signify hope for a child’s future happiness. In this term, includes english words like Joy and Blythe and recently very stylish names like Felix and Felicity. Lowen and Lowena are best known for cornish twins. As vintage nick name Lettie, and Rafa from Arabic way, Tirzah belongs to biblical term. 

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